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         for 7" cover with 45 cm reach.

With the ever evolving paint contractors and DIY market in the Philippines in mind. HI-TECH will soon be launching it's new Yoke Handle in 7" long.

We are all accustomed to the old slip on handle with one side support frame and wire cage handles. This two type of paint roller handles has been there in the market for a very long time.

which serves perfectly the purpose of DIY er's and Professional painters.

Having the difference price point in mind, of which professional cage handle are more expensive than the slip on DIY handles. This new HI-TECH YOKE HANDLE 7" will be a in the middle of this price point segment, eliminating the DIY er's from the Professional painters preference driven by price.


The American Standard screw thread on the HITECH YOKE can fit all HITECH pole which comes in different materials and lengths. from 45 cm up to 5 meters, adjustable or fix, in Wood, Metal and Aluminum. To suit your preference in weight and grip.

So what would be the advantage of this HI-TECH YOKE HANDLE 7"  

Even Coat set- Pole Details

45 CM wooden handle with American Standard screw tip.

Longer than most slip-on type and cage type paint roller handles, combined with the yoke handle assembly, you get almost 55 cm of reach, almost half or that of the 1.2 meter long entry level extension pole.

Yoke handle assembly can be attached to all HITECH extension poles. making this handle a Universal fit to all extension poles.

Advantages of the HI-TECH YOKE HANDLE 7"

The HI-TECH YOKE Handle in 7",having a center mounted wooden handle, would deliver even pressure on the length of the cover, Even pressure on every inch of surface that is against the painted wall. Better delivery of paint on the painted surface, unlike a single side wire frame where in the pressure diminishes the farther away the paint roller cover is from the frame. This is more obvious the longer the paint roller cover is. In size 9" paint rollers more affected than size 7"

This uneven pressure also result in untimely fatigue on the painter,due to accommodation of the painters hand and effort to properly manipulate the handle to even up the pressure, and the delivery of paint on the wall.

With a single frame handle, there is persistent rotation force on the wrist joint due to the forces acting on the nature of a single side frame handle. With the new HITECH YOKE HANDLE size 7" not only is this eliminated. Center mounting result in a better control, You can paint as fast as you want, and all efforts will be on painting and finishing a wall segment, and not against fighting the forces of deflection of the roller frame.

Now a handle that can be driven to work fast must be match with a Paint Roller cover that can compliment this innovative advantages.


Having a paint roller handle that you can roll as fast as you want with a better control and less fatiguing effect paired with EVENCOAT in Microfiber cover.

EVENCOAT with Microfiber is a paint roller that has a better paint pick and and most importantly 70% less splatter of paint as you roller it as fast as you want, limiting clean up time and smaller area placement of drop cloth. With higher centrifugal forces action as you roll the paint roller cover faster. This is a major time saver - 70% Less splatter of paint. Resistant to wear and tear when painting larger area and fresh concrete is manageable. When painting fresh abrasive concrete wall, the HITECH polyamide roller is still recommended. You can always pair this with the new HITECH YOKE HANDLE IN 7".

For corner painting possible get the HITECH microfiber roller with cone end is also available.

EVENCOAT in Microfiber

With an identifying black stripe line, EVENCOAT roller cover are similar to Microstar Microfiber Roller.

For fast, drip free painting.

Edited by S.L.D. 10/14/15

How to assemble & other information PREVIEW