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Steel Wool Sanding Pads


Coarse to Fine


Extra Coarse Grade

Coarse Grade

Medium Coarse Grade

Medium Grade

Fine Grade

Medium Fine Grade

Extra Fine Grade

Super Fine Grade

Steel Wool









Sand Paper

20 to 40


40 to 60 grit

  60 to 80 grit 

80 to 120


120 to 150 grit

150 to 220 grit

280 to 230 grit

300 to 600 grit

Hitech Graded Abrasive/Sanding Steel Wool


Grade #3 Coarse

Equivalent 40 to 60 grit SAND PAPER

For removing. Removes old paint and varnish also can be used to clean glass block and restoring exterior woodwork. Also used to stuff holes to block rodents.

Grade #2 Medium Coarse

Equivalent 60 to 80 grit SAND PAPER

For cleaning and removing. Cleans glass block, rough metals or stone surfaces. Removes rust and dirt from garden tools and machinery, scuff marks and old wax from floors. Removes varnish from antiques with varnish remover.

Grade #1 Medium 

Equivalent 80 to 120 grit SAND PAPER

For cleaning and preparing. Cleans linoleum, rubber asphalt, and other resilient floors, automobile white side walls. Prepares wood for the first coat of paint and smooths raised grain.

Grade #0 Fine

Equivalent 120 to 150 grit SAND PAPER

For cleaning and removing.Cleans barbecue grills,aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and other metals. Removes rust from metal tools (use with light oil for best results). Great for copper pipecleaning before soldering.

Grade #00 Very Fine 

Equivalent 150 to 220 grit SAND PAPER

For buffing,cleaning, cutting, and removing. Buffs final finish on painted trim. Cleans golf clubs, screens and frames. Removes old finishes from antiques (use with finish remover). 

Grade #000 Extra Fine 

Equivalent 280 to 230 grit SAND PAPER

For buffing,polishing, and removing. Buffs cabinetry and new wax finishes. polishes stainless steel, aluminum, copper,brass and zinc. Removes minor burns from wood and leather. Removes paint drips and splatters.

Grade 0000 Super Fine

Equivalent 300 to 600 grit SAND PAPER

For buffing and cleaning. Buffs woodwork, shellac, lacquer and varnish (use with wax or oil.) Cleans windows without water or cleaners. Remove rust from chrome with kerosene.

Grade 4 Extra Coarse

Equivalent 20 to 40 grit SAND PAPER

For removing. Removes old paint and varnish also can be used to clean glass block and restoring exterior woodwork.